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Ionic Pro Air Purifier - Advanced Technology For Cleaner Air

By Scott Nichols

Feeling nauseous? Do you have less energy than you used to, but can’t seem to find the reason why? The truth is, quite often our homes can be our worst enemies -- and we don’t even know it! Dirt, dust, pet dander, carpet fibers -- ever wonder where they go when you’re not vacuuming? Unfortunately, it’s doing much more than you probably think: it’s polluting your air. These impurities infiltrate the air circulating in your home, and if continually breathed in over time, they can cause serious health complications for yourself and your family. As alarming as that sounds, there is good news: Ionic Pro Air Purifiers can help make your home a clean and healthy breathing environment!

As the latest technology in air purification, the change in air quality when you install an Ionic Pro Air Purifier will be so drastic that you’ll feel a noticeable difference in your energy, health and even your overall sense of well-being! If you’re skeptical, consider this: airborne impurities are tasteless, odorless and invisible to the naked eye. Like a slow poison, air impurities can seep into your circulatory system and cause serious medical problems. Due to its high-powered purification technology, within a month of having an Ionic Pro Air Purifier installed, you will notice a difference.

Unlike other air purifiers, the Ionic Pro Air Purifier uses ion particle technology to remove impurities from your air. While other purifiers use filters that require regular replacement, an ionic purifier avoids the potential danger of forgetting to change your filter or becoming clogged, which may put your family at risk. Instead, the Ionic Pro Air Purifier’s advanced technology projects pure negative-ion particles into the air, weighing down the impurities and drawing them away from yourself and your family.

Never Change Another Filter Again!

The scientific purification method of the Ionic Pro Air Purifier makes it a perfect choice for busy families. When you’re on the go, changing your air filter is probably the last thing on your mind. But if you forget, you run the risk of exposing your family to potential health problems, and in effect, increased medical expenses. An unchanged filter will not collect the impurities and will leave pollution to linger in your home. Not only will an Ionic Pro Air Purifier help you to avoid these potentially damaging issues, but it will help you and your family to live a happier, healthier life of clean air!

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Ionic Air Purifier - What Is It?

By Margarette Tustle

Have You Heard Or Come Across An Ionic Air Purifier?

With all of the air purification systems on the market today, what sets this one apart? The ionic purifier works by producing negative ions that go into the air and attach themselves to dust particles, bacteria, and other contaminants. Once the particles in the air get clumped together and are too big to stay aloft they fall on the floor and then you simply vacuum them up. If all of this sounds a little too far-fetched to be true, you might want to note that the Journal of Applied Microbiology found that the use of negative ions such as using an ionic air purifier reduced the number of airborne viruses by around 40% and the Department of Agriculture found that if you ionize a room it reduces the dust by over 50 percent and the bacteria by over 90 percent.


There are other advantages of using an ionic air purifier in your home or office. There was a study done by the Toyota Motors lab that showed that using this type of device to increase the negative ions in the environment also cut down on the fatigue that the study participants experienced and improved cognition as well. This could have implications not only at home, but also on the productivity of office environments that use an ionic air purifier as well. You know the energized feeling you get when you are watching a thunderstorm or standing near a huge waterfall or the pounding surf at the beach? This is the same phenomena that the ionic air purifier duplicates when it sends the negatively charged ions into the air.

Silence Is Golden

Here are some other things that an ionic air purifier can do. It is silent. Even if you are standing right next to it, you will probably hear nothing. This is because there is no fan. The negative ions are simply being produced and moving into the air on their own charge. It also removes odors such as pet odors from the air as well. Other air purifiers may do this, but they may not do it as efficiently as the ionic air purifier.

What To Look For Before Purchasing

If you are ready to purchase an ionic purifier right now, here are some things that you should look for when you are shopping. Each purifier has a rating for its negative ion output. The more negative ions the ionic air purifier puts out the more space it can keep clear. So, for a large room you would need a larger purifier than if you were to use it in a small space such as a bathroom or a child’s bedroom. You should also find out about any filters or other parts of the purifier that might need to be replaced and figure that into the cost. You can also probably find an ionic air purifier that doesn’t have any parts that need to be replaced, but it will still need regular cleaning.


You can find compact ionic purifiers that you can use for travel for less than 10 dollars or units that are designed to purify a large room that cost hundreds of dollars. It is all up to you and what your particular needs are.

By Margarette Tustle. Learn more about air purifiers and types of purifiers from

What Are Filterless Air Purifiers?

By Matt West

Ever wonder what a filterless air purifier actually is? Believe it or not, thanks to clever and persistent advertising, you have probably already heard of some of the more popular filterless air purifiers on the market. A standard air purifier operates with the help of a paper or cloth filter that is added to the filtration system and grabs the airborne bacteria and holds on to it.

A air purifier that uses a filter can get expensive because once a filter is filled up it has to be disposed and a new one needs to be installed for continued operation. A filterless air purifier, as you can tell but its name, does not use a filter and can save you money on continuously replacing filters while purifying the air you breathe.

One of the most popular filterless air purifier systems available are the ones that work on an ionic air filtration principle. If you have ever seen the commercials for the Ionic Breeze air purification system then you know what I am talking about. The Ionic Breeze works on the principle of ions used to capture airborne particles.

The way it works is that the filterless air purifier sends out negatively charges ions and those ions attract the airborne particles and bring them back to the filterless air purifier. There is usually a plate, or plates, within the ionic filterless air purifier than needs to be cleaned occasionally to assure continued effective operation. The cleaning process is simple and there is no need to buy replacement filters.

A Money Saver

Filterless air purifiers are preferred by many people because they can do as good of a job, possibly even a better job, than a filtered air purifier and you remove the need to continually by replacement filters. Many ionic purifiers have a tendency to run very quiet and this allows people to place them in sensitive areas like baby nurseries and everyone else’s bedrooms which can bring people a sense of security.

The airtight nature of many of today’s newer homes to help keep the extreme heat and the extreme cold out and allow the environmental controls of the home keep the temperature constant can help to breed contaminants and an air purifying system is the most effective way of making the air a little safer to breathe for you and your family.

Filterless air purifiers can be a money saver in the long run as they only require the occasional cleaning of the plates inside them to keep them doing their jobs. The upfront increase in cost can be offset over time with the savings on not buying replacement filters for your air purifying system. People that have serious allergies can be benefited by a air filtration system to help keep their air clean and help them to have their severe allergies aggravated by airborne particles and pollutants. If you know you will be requiring the continued services of an air purifying system you may want to consider a filterless air purifying system for all of its financial benefits as well as the potential medical benefits clean air can offer you as well.

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The Ionic Breeze Air Purifier and You - Avoiding Allergens in the Bedroom

By Scott Nichols

With the increasing array of available mediums to keep homes energy-efficient, today’s home can become an attractive breeding ground for allergens and respiratory irritants. From pet dander to chemical products like colognes and perfumes, airtight environments hinder inside air impurities from being easily circulated out of your indoor living space.

Perhaps surprisingly, the bedroom is one of the most common places for allergens to develop and accumulate. After all, one-third of the average American’s life is spent in the bedroom! What if you could take preventive measures, avoiding the development of future health problems? The Ionic Breeze air purifier does just that -- it works with you to create a healthy environment.

Working Together to Cleanse Your Environment

Think of yourself and your Ionic Breeze air purifier as working together in a partnership. In a bedroom where allergens accumulate quickly, it is important to do what you can to reduce this accumulation. Items in the bedroom such as bedding and mattresses need to be washed regularly, ensuring that dust mites and bacteria don’t have time to grow. One optimal way of reducing this potential accumulation even further is to purchase hypo-allergenic pillows and comforters, which contain antimicrobial fibers that inhibit bacterial growth.

Also, don’t forget to vacuum! Vacuuming should be done regularly, and if you are using vacuum bags, be sure to replace the bag before it is full. If you find that vacuuming is simply too much of a hassle, replacing carpets with hardwood flooring will go that extra mile in preventing allergen accumulation in the first place. However, please do keep in mind that vacuuming stirs up allergen particles in the process, so it might be helpful for sensitive cleaners to protect themselves with a small mask.

What about the air purifier? Here’s where the Ionic Breeze purifier goes to work for you: when the dust is stirred, the Ionic Breeze air purifier will remove those hazardous particles from your air supply, keeping your bedroom and household clean and healthy. You should also remember to wipe down surfaces with a damp cloth after vacuuming, and remove or clean bi-weekly those items which tend to accumulate dust quickly, such as window drapes and cloth toys.

It’s also a good idea to keep windows closed during the early morning hours, the time of day when plants release the most pollen. If you are outside working in the garden, be sure to wear separate clothes that can be washed upon reentering the house.

Using these preventive cautions, you and the Ionic Breeze air purifier can work together to create a safe and healthy atmosphere for you and your family!

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Known Facts About Ionic Air Purifier

By Tom Turner

Did you know that one of the top five environmental risks to your health today is unclean indoor air. That's right and just about everywhere you go, you are exposed to it. An ionic air purifier is a device used to help clean and purify the air. There are many common things that can cause unclean air and most of it is found indoors. What exactly does that mean? Well, it means that our homes are not as safe as we like to think. Did you know that more colds are caught in our homes than any other place. This article will talk about what an ionic air purifier does and how it works.

Some of the most common causes of unclean air are pollen, tobacco smoke, household dust and dust mites, mold spores and animal dander. Can you relate to any of these things. If you can, you may want to consider an ionic air purifier. These are some of the things that can cause allergies, which can lead to breathing problems. If you or someone you know suffers from asthma, these things can also lead to death in some cases. In many cases, an ionic air purifier can make your breathing problems go away, unless you already have breathing health issues. For people of this caliber, an ionic air purifier will not be able to cure your problem, but it can make your quality of life better.

You might wonder what an ion is. An ion is best described as a small charge of static electricity and it can be positive or negatively charged. The air we breathe is filled with ions. An ionic air purifier is used to control the amount of positive ions in the air. High levels of positive ions can cause a depressing heaviness around us. You can find this feeling just before a big lightning storm. You can actually feel the atmosphere change just before the storm. High levels of negative ions are soothing and refreshing, like after the lightning storm. When you breathe, the air feels fresh and clean. This is what an ionic air purifier does. It actually adds negative ions to the air and draws the positive ions into its filtering system. The ionic air purifier makes you feel calm and refreshed.

An ionic air purifier comes in different sizes as they are built to accommodate the square footage of a room. Most units are portable, which means you can move them from room to room, and because they are light weight and simply plug in to any outlet. As more and more people become aware, ionic air purifier is becoming a household name. There are a few different kinds of ionic air purifiers on the market today, so you will want to do some research to find the best ionic air purifier that will meet your particular needs.

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Finding An Excellent Price For The Ionic Air Purifier

By Kerry Rodden

The Ionic Air Purifier that is offered by Sharper Image is one of the most sought after types of ionic air cleaning technology. In fact, the line has grown to include many products that offer the same technology, designed to provide an easy to use an excellent tool to the home owner or to the professional. You can even wear one around your neck, if you like, to insure that the air that you breathe, no matter where you are, is healthy and pure.

Because there are several different products in this line, you should invest the time in finding the right one for your specific needs. Here are some tips to help you to get what you need at the lowest price.

• Size counts. The larger the room that you have to use the Ionic Air Purifier in the more power you need in the air purifier that you select. If you choose one that is overpowering, though, you aren’t doing yourself any type of benefit. Instead, you may be spending more for something that you don’t need.
• What you need. As mentioned, there are several types of Ionic Air Purifiers on the market. If you need a unit for your car, select that. You don’t have to place an air purifier with lots of features in there to get the same benefits that you deserve.
• Shop around. You can purchase these purifiers from many locations including the web. You don’t have to get them directly from the company, which actually can be quite costly. Instead, you should comparison shop for them so that you find the most affordable product available on the market.

Selecting the Ionic Air Purifier is a great plan to help remove the particles that are in your home. If you have the need for clean air, this product can provide that for you.

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An Air Purifier May Keep the Allergies Away

By Paul MacIver

Air purifiers convert dirty air into fresh and clean air, and also free the air from pollutants and contaminants. They are very beneficial for people suffering from allergies and can help alleviate asthma. Allergy inducing particles within the air may come as dust, pollen, pet dander or mold spores.

There are numerous air purifier brands and manufacturers worldwide. It becomes too tough for a customer to pick the air purifier of one’s choice from the huge range available.

The best idea is to do some research online. Thanks to the online reviewers, there are some good air purifier comparisons and reviews on the Internet.

A decent air purifier review will honestly depict the pros and cons of a specific air purifier. Therefore, going through numerous air purifier reviews will help you make a good decision before buying an air purifier.

There are a large number of air purifiers including Oreck Super Air 8, Sharper Image Ionic Breeze GP, Friedrich C-90A, Sharper Image Ionic Breeze Quadra, Blueair 601, Bionaire BAP1300 Quietech HEPA, Honeywell HEPA 50250, Hunter Quietflo 30400, Vornado AQ535, Hunter HEPAtech 30375 etc.

Oreck Super Air 8 is a good quiet machine, quite effective at clearing the air of a number of pollutants, allergens, and irritants. It’s efficient, covers a large area and quite inexpensive having a strong warranty.

Sharper Image Ionic Breeze GP is a good home air purifier having a germicidal UV lamp. Ultraviolet radiation is capable of combating many pathogens such as viruses and bacteria. It’s quiet and quite effective in air purification, with a 5-year warranty. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America awarded it with a Consumer Product seal as its "proven to reduce airborne allergens and irritants including dust mite allergen, pet dander and cigarette smoke".

Friedrich C-90A is good, efficient but a little noisy and bit costly also. Sharper Image Ionic Breeze Quadra is also good at removing pollutants and the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America also awarded it with a Consumer Product seal.

Blueair 601 using activated carbon technology is particularly effective in removing odors and gases. It’s considerably cheap with 10 Year Overall Warranty.

Bionaire BAP1300 Quietech HEPA is a powerful air purifier, a bit noisy and requires a regular filter change. It has a 5-year warranty.

Honeywell HEPA 50250 is good and effective in small rooms. Its price line is good with a 5-year warranty. Hunter HEPAtech 30375 is a good device having an ionizer that can be controlled independently.

Recently, there has been a controversy that ionizing air purifiers produce ozone (O3 poisonous allotrope of oxygen) that can worsen asthma and decrease lung function. Some critics feel that air purifiers are over hyped devices that can’t completely clean the air and protect against secondhand smoke.

Paul MacIver writes articles on a variety of health topics. For further info on the health benefits of air purifiers visit the Air Purifiers website. Ultimate Air Purifiers is the sister site of Dehumidifiers You may freely reprint this article as long as this resource box is included, and links are intact.

Air Ozone Purifiers: Are They Good or Bad?

By Mark E. Richardson

Ozone is like the sun. Without ozone you would die. Yet too much can affect your health. So when air purifier companies try to sell you that ozone air purifiers are “death machines” or ‘healthy air miracles” the truth is somewhere in the middle.

How The Controversy Started

A year ago Consumer Reports claimed the Sharper Images Ionic Breeze air purifier emitted 150 to 300 parts per billion of ozone in samples taken 2 inches from the machine. This report led to the highly successful Ionic Breeze infomercials being pulled from TV. The Breeze image ionic Sharper Brand died, replaced by the Oreck air purifiers with overpriced infomercial units.

( Sharper Image’s Breeze Ionic Midi, breeze ionic plus professional, and breeze ionic quadra review models no longer have an Ozone problem. )

Let’s look at both the “good” and the ‘bad” about Ozone in Air Purifiers:

Ozone is Good…

• You would die if there was no ozone.
• Ozone is simply oxygen with an added molecule.
• It is nature’s own air cleaner.
• Ozone is produced by nature and cleans the air.
• At low levels, as found in nature, it does a superb job of cleaning the air.
• Some purifiers allow for on/off Ozone, allowing you to “treat” the room
• All electric motors, and computers, produce Ozone

…and Ozone is Bad

• The EPA standard for ozone exposure is 80 parts per billion over 8 hours.
• Ozone levels over 100 parts per billion can causes injury to the airways
• “High Ozone” warnings signal that the air is bad.
• High levels can irritate lung tissue
• Even air purifiers that claim “no ozone” produce ozone if they have a fan.

Conclusion: When used properly ozone is very helpful at treating odor, mildew and mold. In 1985, even though I was an asthmatic, I used an ozone purifier. It helped my sleep by treating a mold and mildew problem in my bedroom.

For Asthmatics: Many people with asthma or lung problems consider avoiding ozone. If you like ozone for ocassional rom treatment (as I do) find a unit with low levels, timed, and don’t sleep too close to it. You may also want to treat the room and leave the room empty for 3-6 hours. The ozone will fade in that time.

So Do You Want It In Your Purifier?

My advice is to find a unit that offers optional, timed ozone when you need or want it.

I now own an air purifier with optional on/off ozone that has a 2 hour ozone timer. I use it maybe 1 or 2 days a week when any room in my house gets musty smelling, and in the bathroom when it smells moldy, or mildewy . It freshens the room better than anything.

I hope I have “cleared the air” on the great ozone conspiracy.

Mark Richardson is a Los Angeles based Health Practitioner and Author. He has been interviewed on over 300 radio and TV stations across the U.S. on how he cured his allergies and asthma by changing 3 things in his external and internal environment. He is a contributing editor to which offers help to consumers in understanding air purifiers. To compare and find purifiers at wholsesale prices try you can email Mark at

The Ionic Breeze - Is This The Air Cleaner For You?

By Kerry Rodden

The Ionic Breeze is one of the most well advertised air purifying products on the market. Although there are many different products that are offered in this line of purifiers, it pays to do your research to learn as much as you can about this product. Options include personal air purifiers, car air purifiers and home as well as professional air purifiers. Each offers unique features and a benefit that is unique to it. Yet, they all have the technology that is the Ionic Breeze.

The Ionic Breeze offers several key elements that you should take into consideration. The newest models of the, in the Professional line, offer a silent running benefit as well as the ability to handle larger areas and rooms that have a higher level of contamination. It uses an electrostatic field to help capture the particles that are running through the air, causing it to be dirty and unhealthy for you.

One of the benefits of the Ionic Breeze over other products is that these air cleaners do not have any filters that need to be replaced. This is a feature that many products on the market have and the filters are generally not cheap. In addition, they are often hard to find and if you don’t replace them often enough, the unit simply doesn’t work for you. But, with the Ionic Breeze, the need for this is minimized. You simply need to remove the blades inside and wipe them down. That’s it!

If you are considering purchasing an air purifier, you will want to take into consideration the Ionic Breeze. The features of these units are ideal for those that are considering a purifier that can remove dander, pollen, debris and odor from the air. Insure that you purchase the correct model as that’s where you will get the most savings and benefit.

Kerry Rodden is an expert on air purifiers, and has written many articles on air purifiers, fans, vacuum cleaners, air fresheners and a lot more.

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Get An Electrostatic Charge With Ionic Breeze Air Purifier

With so many health issues these days, more and more people are becoming aware of the need to breathe fresh clean air. There is more pollution in the air than ever before, and a lot of it is in our own homes. An ionic breeze air purifier claims to make the air you breathe fresh and clean. Did you know that more colds are caught in our own homes than anywhere else. That seems hard to believe, but it's true. Bacteria and germs thrive in a closed environment which is basically what our homes are. This article will tell you how you can get a charge electro statically with an ionic breeze air purifier and what they are used for.

We like to think of our homes as being a safe place all around, but the truth is, most of the air we breathe in our homes is unhealthy. There is dust and dust mites floating in the air in our homes, and all you have to do is look on your coffee table or end table to verify that fact. An ionic breeze air purifier is designed to pull the air in and send fresh clean air out, for you to breathe. There are other pollutants we breathe in all the time such as pollen, or if you have pets, pet dander. Any of these things can cause allergies which can lead to asthma and other health risks. An ionic breeze air purifier is supposed to draw these particles in by an electrostatic system.

An air purifier is made to filter the air by way of a fan in most cases. The fan draws the air in and sends it through its filtering system, then blows out clean air. An ionic breeze air purifier claims to be the quietest on the market because they have a technology that is different than most. Their filtering system is a charged plate that draws the pollutants into its electrostatic system without the use of a fan. The ionic breeze air purifier comes in different sizes to fit any size room.

You may want to learn more about an ionic breeze air purifier before purchasing any type of air purifier, so you can compare which system you would like to use. They are all designed to purify the air, but there are some things to consider before purchasing. An ionic breeze air purifier uses no fans, so noise level might be something to check out on other air purifiers. Some units use filters that have to be replaced and some units use a plate that you just wipe off to clean, so you might want to check out the filtering system on them. An ionic breeze air purifier will give you an electrostatic charged system that you just wipe clean.

For more information on Air Cleaners and Purifiers for your home or business try visiting, a website that specializes in providing helpful tips, advice and Air Cleaners and Purifiers resources to include Ionic Breeze Air Purifier and more.

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