Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Ionic Breeze - Is This The Air Cleaner For You?

By Kerry Rodden

The Ionic Breeze is one of the most well advertised air purifying products on the market. Although there are many different products that are offered in this line of purifiers, it pays to do your research to learn as much as you can about this product. Options include personal air purifiers, car air purifiers and home as well as professional air purifiers. Each offers unique features and a benefit that is unique to it. Yet, they all have the technology that is the Ionic Breeze.

The Ionic Breeze offers several key elements that you should take into consideration. The newest models of the, in the Professional line, offer a silent running benefit as well as the ability to handle larger areas and rooms that have a higher level of contamination. It uses an electrostatic field to help capture the particles that are running through the air, causing it to be dirty and unhealthy for you.

One of the benefits of the Ionic Breeze over other products is that these air cleaners do not have any filters that need to be replaced. This is a feature that many products on the market have and the filters are generally not cheap. In addition, they are often hard to find and if you don’t replace them often enough, the unit simply doesn’t work for you. But, with the Ionic Breeze, the need for this is minimized. You simply need to remove the blades inside and wipe them down. That’s it!

If you are considering purchasing an air purifier, you will want to take into consideration the Ionic Breeze. The features of these units are ideal for those that are considering a purifier that can remove dander, pollen, debris and odor from the air. Insure that you purchase the correct model as that’s where you will get the most savings and benefit.

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