Sunday, March 30, 2008

Which Air Purifier Is Right for You?

By Chris Lennon

Should you choose a whole house air purifier or a portable one room air purifier? Many people have come to the realization that just because their house and the air in it looks clean, doesn’t necessarily mean it is. Small particles including pollen and dust can float in on the air and onto you furniture, or worse into your lungs.

If you have air conditioning in your house then you are already half way there to having a whole house purifier system – simply install a filter onto the end of your system. These filters generally consist of HEPA filters (High Efficiency Particulate Air filter) which remove over 99% of all air born particles.

If you don’t have air conditioning in your house then it’s perhaps best to consider a portable unit. Many of these, such as the popular Sharper Image Ionic Air Purifier can clean good size of space, usually enough for one or two rooms. Place the air purifier in the rooms you spend the most time, typically the lounge and the bedroom.

One important thing to consider is the amount of ozone an air purifier produces as too much ozone can irritate the lungs – an air purifier that produces less than 50 parts per billion ozone is plenty safe enough. Of course you don’t get this issue with the HEPA system as it’s a filter rather than a purifier.

Chris Lenon runs Air Purifiers Zone where he gives you the latest low down and reviews on air cleaning machines. His personal choice of air purifier is the Sharper Image Ionic Air Purifier, which looks good and is highly effective at cleaning the air you breathe.

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